Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tribal Nature

We are tribal by nature and I’m lucky that I’ve recently found an awesome coach in Andy Rodgers – the owner and head coach of Southern Latitude Crossfit. He has created an awesome tribe at the gym and I’m fortunate enough to be part of the magic.  There are a couple of other individuals who I consider to be my heroes and would love to be part of their tribe as well and learn from them.

Susanne Bier is an amazing director, who’s made some amazing films like ‘After the Wedding’; ‘Brothers’; Oscar winning ‘In a Better World’ - to name a few and also the more recent TV series ‘The Night Manager’. Her movies have an emotional heart while also being critical and financial successes.  I’d love to learn the secrets of the craft from her and how she manages to find the balance between commercial and art. The second question I’d love to know is how she brings such morally complex characters to life in a balanced way.

My second hero that I’d love to learn from is C.J.Martin – the owner and head coach at Crossfit Invictus. He’s created an amazing community that’s also been producing world class athletes and teams over the past 10 years. I was fortunate that I managed to have a very brief conversation at Crossfit Games this year and the thing that came across loud and clear is that he cares for his athletes and is aware of the bigger picture. Thing I’d love to learn from him is how has been able to create a successful and close knit community? And how he’s been able to sustain and build his business over an extended period of time and what's his 'Why?'
Here's to crossing paths with them one of these days.

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