Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Here cometh Kindman

"Unbreakable" - one of M. Night Shyamalan's movie is a movie that captivated me when it was released because of the way it dealt with couple of normal guys dealing with their ability aka superpower. All of us have our own abilities and the key is delving deep to find out what those sore and that's part of today's "10 Day blog challenge".

What are my superpowers? The list is based on what I believe are my strengths and what a couple of people who know me closely have pointed out to me.

Kind: My first superpower is kindness and I like to understand the other person's point of view. Seeing the world through someone else's eyes is a blessing. Jogging my memory back to school days, I've always been to quick to jump in to help out and that's a trend that's continued to the day. Sometimes I feel that it's detrimental to me as it supersedes my own want in that particular moment and it can be frustrating. At end of the day I feel better for having made the journey easier for someone other than me.

Loyal: Once you've got my trust you've got to do something unbelievably silly to break my confidence and loyalty to you. This also translates into not compromising on my personal and professional integrity - no matter what the cost.

Tenacious: Proactive and persistent are couple of words that always come up when someone describes me and it'd be hard for me to refute those words. When something needs to get done- it needs to get done and there's no two ways about it. I'm good at initiating projects and making sure they reach completion by finding the most efficient way possible, even when sometimes they take longer than planned for.

Now to find a happy intersection where I can get people to pay me for using my superpowers. ;-)

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