Saturday, September 10, 2016

Life is a challenge (and an opportunity)

The opportunity to take part in 10 Day blog challenge came up and I figured that a 15 minute investment a day is easy enough to commit, to find ways to improve my life. Cue shock and horror when the first day's challenge - this blog post - is to list 2-3 challenges I think I'm facing right now and put it out in the open. Gulp!!!! It's scary as shit but here goes 1st day of the challenge.

1) Creative headwinds: Those of you who don't know me- I'm a filmmaker, who has made couple of independent feature films - that were relatively successful in their time. I've also had setbacks on couple of projects that folded in various stages of development. Through the years, I've kept pushing myself because of my innate self belief of my skills as a filmmaker. But besides a few close industry friends who believe in my talent, I haven't been able to attract even a dollar of official funding.

The current feature film script that I'm working on has been 4 years in the making and I've got this massive fear based on last couple of experiences that the movie might never see light of the day for factors out of my control - like lack of funding. It's a challenge to keep ignoring my fears and to keep focusing on the immediate task at hand - which is to make sure that the story I'm trying to tell flows together nicely.

2) Relationships: This is an even more scarier one for me to write as I'm very guarded when it comes to sharing my private emotions. My ratio of heartbreaks to deeply fulfilling relationships is skewed in favor of the former. Those two factors combined with my 'fish out of water' personality (literally and figuratively) means that my last relationship was 2 years back, when my then-girlfriend called it off. The question that lingers, in back of my mind, how will I attract the right girl, if I'm now so afraid of rejection and heartbreak that I'm not letting my guard down.

If you have any words of advise or suggestions to help me tackle my current challenges comment below or drop me a line.

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