Monday, September 19, 2016


10 days for the challenge is up and it's been an interesting experience.The best part of the challenge was setting aside some time in each day to delve deep into my own mind and heart. It was scary, it was fun and it definitely gave me direction.

My favorite challenge day would be the first day itself - it was downright scary and tough jumping into the deep end and then sharing my innermost thoughts with the world. The biggest takeaway I've had from doing the challenge has been to break down my work bursts into 25 minute blocks and also not to be afraid to dream big.

What am I doing to make my freedom plan a reality - everything!!! Now it's just a matter of keeping focus and be persistent in going after my goals. Will I continue the blog - I haven't made up my mind yet and will leave the answer till a later time.

Overall I'd highly recommend you to try out the 10 Day Blog challenge and you'll surprise yourself with what you find.

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