Monday, September 12, 2016

A Perfect Day

What would a perfect day look like for me? What does my mind see?

I wake up to the beautiful smile of my wife and give her a big hug. I'm grateful to the universe for it's blessings. We get out of bed and do a 20 minute stretching and mobility exercises together before getting the day started. I head over into the kitchen and make myself a protein shake and  then walk over to the study lounge that's got uninterrupted views of the ocean and close the door behind. The room is free of clutter and I sit down on the desk for an uninterrupted hour of work - whether it be script or planning or mapping out future work strategy.  My wife has her own  retreat space that she uses for her work.

Once the hour is up I change into my workout clothes and head down the corridor into the Crossfit gym. The music is pumping and the first class is halfway through. The members for next class are streaming in, so I mobilize and socialize with them before doing the class with them. After the class is over, I head into the coaches office space to check in with the coaches if there's any operational things that have come up over the past day or week and the follow ups. I delegate the duties based on their skill sets and roles, before heading back into the house for a shower.

After the shower I get into the kitchen and make breakfast for my wife and myself. We catch up over breakfast on what we've got planned for the evening - whether it be family time, socializing with friends or a date night. The next 3 hours are spent at the gym, working on the business future and making myself available to the staff for any business related matters. After the midday class is complete, all of us at the business head over to the gym's cafe for lunch. It's a ritual that everyone enjoys as it's filled with laughs. It's something that's been factored into business costs right from inception.

I head back into the house for another ritual - a short nap. 30 minutes later, I head back into my work retreat space to spend a similar hour to the morning but this time focusing on media related work. The next hour is devoted back to any meetings or catch ups related to creative or business work. After a quick change, I walk over into the gym again - this time to coach a class for teenagers. The class is packed and it's usually 2 other coaches and me who run the class, so that everyone gets proper attention. This class is a loss leader but works great for creating a vibrant community and goodwill while also building future athletes and in turn creating a long term relationship with them that will keep sustaining the business through future generations.

Based on what's planned for the evening with my wife, I'll either stay on after the teens class to attend a specialist skills class or head back into the house to spend rest of the time with my wife and carry on with social events.

I'll sign off  this vision share here even though I could go on for a fair bit as I'm only up till about 4.30pm on this vision. That would make for a very long read.

Needless to say I'm already feeling really grateful to the universe for taking care on me.

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