Wednesday, September 14, 2016

25 mins and counting down

Success plans are tricky business because we start our days with the best of intentions and then it goes downhill as the enormity of the task overwhelms us. Today's blog challenge video really simplifies the task into something that makes it achievable.

I'm usually a stickler for planning ahead and Google calendar is a close friend of mine. The thing that's been missing has been breaking my 'productive freedom time' has been mismanaged because of scheduling in long chunks of time and that usually leads to lot of lag time.

Refining on my plan - from now on the work loads are going to be in 25 minute blocks for the 2 hours a day that I've available when I'm not 'working'. My ideal place for working on my script is a cafe as it takes me into work mode straight away. The first 2 blocks are going into writing atleast one page of script - anything more and that's a bonus.

The 2 remaining blocks are for study and research related to my core interest areas like fitness, coaching, Crossfit. If there's a small edit project going on then both the blocks will be devoted to the edit. In all the said cases, I like reading and working from the comfort of my bedroom and need to make sure that the work station is kept tidy and clutter free.

What happens when I'm traveling? The 2 blocks for script writing become easier and the remaining 2 blocks get devoted to understanding the local market and local audience in terms of story consumption as well as fitness trends.

This blog took me about 25 minutes to write and seems like I'm subconsciously already implementing the new plan.

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